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If your Rug has big stains that you haven’t been able to remove, this service is for you Our cleaning methods are not only safe and healthy, but we also guarantee removal of every single stain mark from your Rug with our methods Rug cleaning.

Oriental rugs are beautiful pieces of artwork that add elegance and grace to the home. Unfortunately, these rugs are also quite challenging to clean. This is why it’s a good idea to seek professional rug cleaning services like ours. Oriental rug cleaning services can provide you with the expertise you need to take care of your rugs with ease and in the most professional manner possible.

Cleaning: Professional rug cleaning services will be able to clean your rugs in a way that is evened out and removes stains. One of the main reasons people have issues with cleaning their rugs is they over-wet the carpet—Over-wetting the rug can cause mold and mildew to grow, which can be very difficult to remove. A quality cleaning service will know how to avoid over-wetting the rugs in the first place, which is a lot better for the rug than you try to clean it yourself.

Timing: Oriental rug cleaning services should be performed by a professional around the same time you have it installed. The reason behind this is simple; if you don’t hire these professionals during this time, you risk ruining your carpet or catching a stain that could take months to fix. Another thing to consider is the type of rug you have. For example, if you have a delicate carpet, you should probably wait until the rug is wholly installed so that it will be easier for you to clean it. On the other hand, professional cleaning services are often used immediately after installation, as carpet fibers are very tough to clean when they are wet.

Results: One of the best benefits of hiring our professional cleaners is that we will do the job right the first time. If you attempt to clean your oriental rug on your own, chances are you will damage it or ruin it before you are done. Professionals have all of the proper equipment and know-how to clean your carpet effectively. They can get into small nooks and crannies that you would never be able to reach without professional tools and environmentally friendly cleaning products.

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No Damage to Carpets: There is no question that the carpets on your own are much more comfortable than those you will find at a store. However, purchasing oriental rugs can be expensive since many stores have discounted prices to clear their shelves. While some might think that this defeats the purpose of having them cleaned, it can save you money in the long run. Professional carpet cleaners will only use water and a powerful vacuum cleaner to clean your rugs. They do not spray chemicals onto the mats to get the job done.

Save Time: Even if you choose to clean your carpet on your own, you will often spend hours doing so. Hiring professional rug cleaning services eliminates this problem. Instead of spending hours on tasking, you will only be required to provide a few minutes of work. Also, you will not have to deal with the frustration that comes with trying to remove dirt and debris from large areas of your carpet

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We are comfortable with every carpet and fabric known to man! Only professional equipment is utilized for your carpet cleaning service.

We have not yet found a carpet cleaner in our region. Her customer service was prompt and fair. They were able remove years-old stains. They are in great condition. They are in excellent condition.

Clara James

They are top carpet and rug cleaners. They are kind, respectful, and keep our carpets clean. We find it hard to believe we have children and dogs!

Martin Stifford

Since 2003, they have been cleaning our carpets. They are professional, friendly, and offer great advice on how to maintain tile or carpet. They are extremely valuable for their time.

Tommy Shelby